Enter The Google Plus Fastlane!


To get into the Google plus fastlane, you most likely are aware of how important it is to master all forms of social media. The problem is trying to use multiple platforms; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a dozen others are enough to drive you MAD! Trying to keep with all of this in a simple [...]

Best WordPress Hosting Options


Digging through all of the wordpress hosting options is not a fun task. Everyone of course wants to indicate they are the “best WordPress hosting”, but that doesn’t mean they actually are. Here are a few serious things to consider before you click that order button. Firstly, the average blog does not receive more than [...]

Study Shows Death of SEO and Rise of P.T.O

The State of SEO in 2013

If you have been an internet marketer for any length of time, you have already developed a love-hate relationship with Google and SEO. However, times are changing and Google is on a mission to wipe out SEO completely. So where does that leave us all? The truth is many marketers feel SEO no longer works. [...]

How To Open and Manage An AdBrite Account


AdBrite is an ad network that features many different kinds of ads. Unlike AdSense which only does text and image ads, AdBrite will allow you to put a wide variety of ads on your site. These include text ads, in-line ads and full page “click to continue” ads. For more details on how AdBrite compares [...]

Create Your Ultimate 2013 Gameplan Now

Ultimate 2013 Gameplan

Let’s start the new year off right and get right down to business! The best thing you can do for your business this year is build relationships. No I am not talking about a new girlfriend or spouse, but a solid, respectable relationship with your subscribers list. Every marketer out there knows that building a [...]

How To Open and Manage A Chitika Account


Chitika is a contextual advertising network and is considered one of the top ad networks. It allows publishers to place ad units on their websites, where both image and text ads will be shown, sometimes at the same time. Because Chitika often uses images next to text ads on the same page, click through rates [...]

How To Get A Google AdSense Account

Google AdSense

By choosing to become a publisher for the Google AdSense network, you open up your monetization options to the largest pool of advertisers worldwide. The best part is, you don’t even need to select those advertisers. Google does it for you automatically. Their bots will gather data from the contextual content of your website and [...]

Compare Monetization Methods

Compare Monetization Methods

Once you have decided to venture into the world of blogging, you want to decide if you are going monetize your blog and try to make a few extra dollars from it. Good, regular bloggers that provide valuable content for their readers are capable of earning a substantial amount monthly. Of course much of this [...]

50 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

50 Ways To Get Blog Traffic

Congratulations! You took the vital first step and learned how to make a blog. Your theme is exactly how you want it. The juicing content is all there for visitors to feast on. And you have your methods of monetization in place. But there is something wrong…. You’ve got all the vital pieces of the [...]

What The Heck Do I Blog About?

What The Heck To Blog About

So you want to start a blog but have no idea what to blog about? Trust me, you are not alone! Blogging is a wonderfully constructive way to spend your valuable time, and could even turn lucrative too! Thousands of bloggers earn a regular income blogging about topics they love. But if you find yourself [...]